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50 years ago in the spring of 1960, Orvil & Mae Swayze began Swayze Red-E-Mix Ltd., a ready mixed concrete company. Going from job to job, they would move their 2yd mixer and trailer, preparing the forms, batching, pouring and finishing the concrete on site. Residing in Carnduff, Saskatchewan they purchased a 4 acre parcel of land north of town next to a gravel pit. The first building they batched the concrete out of also gave them the room to store their bagged cement, they had plywood silos to hold the aggregate and a poly plastic roof, and the conveyor that fed the truck with aggregate was outside the building. Orvil's sons Russell,12, Jerry,6, would stand at the conveyor and take the large stones off of the belt as it ran into the truck, acting as a screener. The types of jobs that they completed in the early days of the business included sidewalks for the Town of Carnduff, a swimming pool and a number of farm and residential buildings.

In 1966-1968 Orvil built the plant that is still in use today, less a few upgrades. Before the days of bulk cement trucks Russell and Jerry would carry 2 bags of cement and break them open over a grate putting the cement into the concrete truck.

In 1988 the business was expanded, purchasing a plant in Wawota, Saskatchewan and later moving the business to the junction of Highway 9 & 48, outside of Wawota. This plant was a copy cat of the one he built in 1966 in Carnduff with a few minor changes for the better, like batching the concrete from a room away from the dust and noise.

With the expansion of the second location in Wawota, the Family now split between the 2 plants worked together sharing equipment, knowledge and experience back and forth. At this time the business had grown to include the services of concrete construction and supply, aggregate supply and hauling, and excavation, Excavation was added to the business in 1978-1979. Swayze's clientele included oilfield, residential, and municipal customers as well as commercial businesses.

In 1996 Orvil and Mae decided it was time to retire. Jerry, at 38 years of age and took over all operations to become a 4th generation to have a business in the Carnduff area. Like always, if you were family you could get a job at Swayze's.

In 1997 the biggest job to date ever started. It was the Sask Wheat Pool concrete elevator in Carnduff. Swayze's had originally quoted on this job for it to be completed in one year but it ended up finishing off in 1999. This project consumed 3yds short of 10, 000 cubic yards of concrete and a large amount of base gravel which we supplied for the whole project. Out of all of that concrete we discarded 3 1/2 yards that they would not accept due to it being too wet.

Other accomplishments include a purchase of a curb and gutter machine that was kept busy in a few small town street additions. That same curb and gutter machine was outfitted with a new mould designed by Orvil which allowed that machine to pour a concrete bunk for cattle to feed out of and a 8' pad for them to stand on in one pass. There was approximately 6 miles of "Feed Bunk" placed from 1999-2007 throughout

Saskatchewan, Manitoba and 1 ½ hours west of Edmonton. Jerry's son Randy, at the age of 16, was running the machine and by 18 was foreman of the crew. In the years 2000-2001 Jerry was approached by Mr. Sig Larsen about purchasing Larsen Const. out of Weyburn including offices in Radville, Ogema, Assiniboia and Gravelbourg. Something of this size had always been a dream of my Jerry's but always thought highly impossible because Swayze's was small and Larsen's was big. Sig had said to Jerry, "Jerry if you want it bad enough it will happen", so the process began and 5 years later, in 2005 it was true.

Swayze's started to leap. All of a sudden our area was from Manitoba border to south of Swift Current, and from the US border to #1 Highway. Number of employee went from 10 to 55, and we were owners of a crusher, another Trachoe and lots of other trucks and equipment. In 2006 we bought another company Borderline Gravel out of Redvers, Saskatchewan. This was a gravel company adding 24 more units (loader & trucks) and more employees. So from back in 2004 before any changes we had about 10 total employees and about 110 tires on the ground. As of Today, we are currently at approximately 90 employees and topping 1400 tires on the ground. These Tires are on equipment like 20 Concrete Trucks, 28 Power Units, 50 Trailers, 20 loaders, 3 Concrete Pumps, 2 full Crushing Spreads, and support vehicles.

Keeping up with the Family operated business we are still spread throughout the many locations and very much involved with day to day activities. Randy Swayze is based out of Head Office in Carnduff, he is managing the Carnduff, Carlyle, Redvers, and Wawota area. Other than the time he spent away at school for Heavy Duty Mechanics he has always been with Swayze's. Day to day his phone rings more times than you can count as he is dispatching trucks down in that area. Colby Swayze came back to work with us about 3.5 years ago and took on a big challenge. Jerry bought a brand new 32m concrete pump, and Colby went to BC to take 1 week of training and then he was on his own learning as he went as none of us had ever operated a pump before. Keeping in mind at age 21 he was operating a machine that had a boom if stretched straight up is 105' long and if you did not set up properly could easily topple.

Ryan Swayze manages the Weyburn, Radville, Assiniboia, and Gravelbourg divisions. He completed his Diploma at SIAST in Moose Jaw for Civil Engineering, I then worked for a consulting company, then moving to an environmental remediation company for 5 years and travelled all over western Canada.

A big contributor to keeping everyone going is our Diversity. When you hear Swayze Concrete obviously you think Concrete, but we are a lot more than that. Other Services that we provide include Aggregate supply, hauling and crushing, Sewer and Water installation/Repair, Trenching and excavating for residential, commercial and Oil patch,

Snow Removal, Road Gravelling, Skid-steer work, Concrete and Concrete Pumps The Greatest Asset that we have is our Employees. We try to bring the family aspect of our history through to the current day company. We like to know what is going on with our people good or bad and any time you could ask any of the Swayze family members who this person is or where that person lives and what they do for Swayze Concrete and we will know. Right from the laborers that are doing the shoveling, the truck drivers delivering the aggregate and concrete, the equipment operators on the trachoes and crushing equipment, the office staff holding down the forts at each office, the Safety Coordinator making sure that we are going home to our families at night and our many Managers fielding phone calls and making it happen every day. With all the management and staff we have, it is close to 360 years of experience in the concrete, gravel and excavation business, and that is what makes Swayze Concrete WORK.

Our Services

  • Crushing & Screening of all Gravel Products
  • Excavating / Trenching / Sewer & Water
  • Municipal & Oil Lease Gravelling / Snow Removal & Hauling
  • Concrete Pumpimg / Ready Mixed Concrete

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